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The Truth
The universe is made up of five elements, which all are perishable and still every religion of this world considers and worship Supreme God as Formless, which itself is the Fifth element of the Universe i.e. Sky (vacuum). Only a Perfect Spiritual Master (Satguru) knows the real abode of Supreme God (Parampurush-Sahib), which exists beyond universe and is Immortal.
Satguru Kabir Sahib has revealed the secret about all the Where Abouts of the Dead (human-being) into His ideology. These all are created ( up to 10th Aperture - Dasham Dwar ) by Niranjan - Kaal Purush (Mind).
After death, a Soul (Jeev) continually passes into another specie (yuni) depending on his Deeds (Karmas). Sahib Ji has talked about how one can know about the specie (yuni) a person attains after death. Following are the sayings mentioned in the image below:
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