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The Truth
The universe is made up of five elements, which all are perishable and still every religion of this world considers and worship Supreme God as Formless, which itself is the Fifth element of the Universe i.e. Sky (vacuum). Only a Perfect Spiritual Master (Satguru) knows the real abode of Supreme God (Parampurush-Sahib), which exists beyond universe and is Immortal.

A Soul who gets uniformed with Supreme God into His real abode - Amarlok is a true Satguru.
Arrival of Satguru on Earth
On 18th April 1950 (Chet Shudhi Purnima) a true Saint “Sant Satguru Madhu Paramhans Ji” (endearingly called as “Sahib Ji”) emerged on the horizon of India in a family at District Sehore, Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh).

About Satguru Madhu Paramhans Ji ("Sahib Ji")
There is no enough verbose to describe the spiritual enlightenment and knowledge that flows soothingly through Sant Satguru Madhu Paramhans Ji’s limitless depths. Right from His childhood, He truly is an Enlightened Soul and lives as Bal-Brahmchari (never indulged into any kind of sexual activity neither physical nor mental, right from childhood and is a bachelor).

At the age of 14 in the year 1964, He came in contact with a Guru named Swami Girdharanand Paramhans Ji at Havelian located in District Gonda (Uttar Pradesh), India. Swami Girdharanand Paramhans Ji understands SantMat and

was doing worship of only one God i.e. Supreme Father (Param Purush – Sahib). Swami Ji found Him as one of the most concentrated being who has an extraordinary control over the activities of the Mind and Body ( complete control over the evil powers of Mind: Sex, Anger, Greed, Attachment and Ego along with every single organ of the body which is directly linked with the devil mind ), which always reflects from His doings. Swami Ji usually addresses Him as one of the most truthfull, concentrated, determined, dedicated, intelligent and loveable student who deeply understands the importance of Guru Bhakti (worship of a Guru). Swami Ji noticed all the noble virtues and qualities of a perfect spiritual perceptor in Madhu Paramhans Ji which are essential requirements to lead the humanity towards the path of supreme goal of life i.e. Salvation (Param Moksh).

Swami Ji during his own lifetime, appointed Madhu Paramhans Ji as his Successor (Uttra-Adhikari) after realising that He (Madhu Paramhans Ji) is a true Saint who has the complete self-realisation as a soul and has His own reach up to the Amarlok (4th Lok). At the same time, Swami Girdharanand Paramhans ji honoured Him with the title “Sant Satguru”.

Also, at the age of 17 in the year 1967, Satguru Madhu Paramhans Ji joined Indian Army in Mahar Regiment and served the nation for 24 years till 1991. He retired as J.C.O (Junior Commissioned Officer) after taking voluntary retirement from Indian Army.

Objective of Arrival

Since year 1970, Sant Satguru Madhu Paramhans Ji (“Sahib Ji”) started His journey towards awakening the souls with true knowledge of Life (Satya Gyan) through spiritual discourses (Satsang) and started blessing His devotees with the real Alive Holy-Name (Sajeevan Naam) of Supreme God (Param Purush – Sahib).

The only objective of Sahib Ji is to liberate the Souls of Supreme Father from the entanglement of Mind (Mann) and Body (Maya) by making individual soul realise about the real motive and importance of human body.

Sahib Ji explains that there is no such place available for vices, evils, falsehood, violence and criticism in true spiritualism (Satya Bhakti). He himself stands for the welfare of all and fighting against hypocrisy, social vices and evils.

Sahib Ji has deep respect for every religious scripture. He has in-depth knowledge of Vedas, Upanishads, Shastras, Bhagavad Gita, Ramayana, Quran, Granth Saheb, Bible, etc. He never denounces any religion or any community. In reality, He is a Perfect Spiritual Master (Satguru) who needs no support of any religious scripture to define true spiritualism because He himself is an enlightened soul who has all the spiritual powers (Aadhyatmik Shakti) of Supreme Father, which is far beyond from the reach of any religion. He revealed all the limitations of worship modes known to mankind as well as revealed all the secrets behind the creation of universe (3 Lok’s).

In recognition of His selfless service to the society in Jammu & Kashmir state, He is being honoured with “Mahatma Gandhi Seva Puraskar” in the year 2003.

Seven Golden Principles
Adoption of the following "Seven Golden Principles" by Sahib Ji's devotees is the precondition to allow them into His fold of ideology (SantMat):
1. Always Speak Truth.
2. Adherence to Pure Vegetarianism.
3. Non Alcoholism–Intoxicants Drugs.
4. Gambling in any form not allowed.
5. To neither ever steal nor ever procure stolen goods.
6. Maintenance and observance of high standard of character i.e. never to indulge in any cross sex physically or mentally (unfair physical relation).
7. Have pure corruption-free means of livelihood.
Sahib Ji's Commitment

Sahib Ji firmly says that strength to adopt the “Seven Golden Principles” in one’s life is only possible after soul is being blessed with real Alive Holy-Name (Sajeevan Naam) of Supreme Father (Param Purush – Sahib) by the enlightened Perfect Spiritual Master (Satguru).

He is the only Perfect Spiritual Master available in this mortal world who has the “Paras Surati” with which He can transform any human being on earth alike Himself and can easily liberate any individual Soul permanently from the entrapment of Mind (permanent liberation from the endless circle of birth and death) with His own Spiritual Powers. “Paras Surati Sant Ke Paasa” for which Sahib Ji repeatedly says : The Thing, I Possess Cannot Be Found Anywhere Else In The Universe. The complete process of liberating an individual’s Soul from the entrapment of Mind with His own spiritual powers is called as ‘Naam Daan’ which in true means is known as Spiritual Genesism (in the path of true spiritualism it is called as Bhrangmatta).

Devotees, after being blessed from Sahib Ji with a real Alive Holy-Name (Sajeevan Naam) have experienced that there is always some alive hidden power standing beside them and whenever they begin to indulge in some wrong act even unknowingly or whenever they are about to meet some misfortune, the same alive power immediately comes to their rescue and guide towards righteous.

This hidden power is itself the power of Alive Holy-Name (Sajeevan Naam) of Supreme God (Param Purush – Sahib), for which Sahib Ji repeatedly says: The Thing, I possess cannot be found anywhere else in the universe.


This initiation of disciples sets in an automated process which helps in the process of eliminating darkness of ignorance and ultimately enables the soul (Jeev Aatma) to tear off that veil of Illusion - Materialism (Net of Mind-Body [Mann-Maya Ka Jaal]) and merges back into its real source – Supreme Father (Param Purush - Sahib), which exists far beyond from the perishable universe.

In the worship of a true Prefect Spiritual Master (Satguru) alone includes worship of all divine wisdom, because Sant Satguru himself is the mirror through which we can see Supreme God (Param Purush – Sahib) and that mirror is “Sant Satguru Madhu Paramhans Ji”.


I Bless the soul with real Alive Holy-Name (Sajeevan Naam) of Supreme Father (Param Purush – Sahib) that has the power to transform a crow into a swan.
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